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Kim Boyle




  • Copernican Institute Recognized: Root Cause Protocol Consultant

  • TEI Labs Recognized for HTMA Analysis

  • Alternative Health Research and Application


I am a Wellness Consultant in Alaska which is a place both warmly and commonly referred to as the last frontier.


My journey into the health field began in 2007 shortly after being prescribed a barrage of medications that each came with symptoms worse than the original problem. What started as bewilderment rapidly became a complete lack of hope.


That changed in one day, with just one tiny spark, when I began reading about "alternative medicine." Of course, this ember grew into an insatiable curiosity and what started as a simple desire to find actual solutions, quickly turned into my life's passion, compelling itself to be both discovered and then promptly shared.


One of the major problems seemed to be that the more I dug in and researched my skepticism would equally increase in depth. Products marketed as being healthy, all natural, and even organic had crossed lines they shouldn't have. I'd love to say I never gave up trying to sift through it all to discern what had value and what didn't, but that isn't the truth.


In 2010, a personal tragedy involving someone whom I was very close to took me in another direction. I began suffering from a multitude of health problems including panic attacks and extreme depression. Mind you, at this time I had not known the intricacies involved within the relationships that vitamins, minerals, and hormones have with one another.


Discovering the work of Morley Robbins is what turned the tide. Morley has successfully taken on the enormous task and came up with a protocol that deals with all known diseases that exist today.  Based on a deep understanding of the human body and its needs down to the cellular level Morley has developed, "The Root Cause Protocol." The amount of research and literature that went into creating this sophisticated system is not only extensive but continues to grow. It is quite simply 'The Last Frontier' of the health field.



In January of 2018, I became recognized by the Copernican Institute through the classes that Morley offers. The goal is simple - to discern the 'root cause' of your health problems and guide you back to where you deserve to be.


How is this Goal Accomplished?


  • Constructing a Comprehensive Health Profile This includes designing a personalized timeline of sorts taking into account your individual experiences and medical history. Ideally, this will also include an HTMA and full panel blood analysis.

  • Developing a Deeper Understanding We will delve into the causes of your health problems referring to your 'Comprehensive Health Profile' and discuss what can be done to address the 'root cause' of those problems.

  • Continued Support in a Team Setting It takes a team to play in the big leagues and that's exactly what you get when you hire a consultant both trained under and with continual access to Morley and his team.


As our understanding grows so will yours. This includes vigorous vetting of vitamins, supplements, and other treatments.

I look forward to being a part of your healing journey.

- Kim Boyle

-Wellness Consultant

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