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The Dangers of Hormone D Supplements

(Supplemental D3 is a fat soluble hormone and Dangerous)

Hormone D is the MOST powerful HORMONE in the human body. (It’s not a harmless vitamin)

High doses of isolated “D” will have serious consequences to your physiology.  Here are some of the repercussions of hormone D supplementation.  These are the 7 issues more frequently discussed, although the damage this hormone does is far more complex and widespread.

1. INCREASES Calcium (by lowering Magnesium)

2. DEPLETES Magnesium (D requires Mg to process)

3. CRASHES Potassium (FLUSHES Potassium from your body)

4. INCREASES H2O2 (Folks, this is very bad)

5. LOWERS ATP (Cellular LIFE, YOUR LIFE, requires Mg)

6. DEPLETES Vitamin A (RETINOL) (Competes with D for processing)

7. LOWERS Ceruloplasmin (Gives IRON induced stress free reign in the entire body)


Let’s take this step by step as listed above.  Keep in mind, ALL of these processes listed above are multi-faceted and in turn affect many other processes with iron<>copper dysregulation as the root cause.

1. Increases Calcium – Isolated Hormone D needs magnesium to process. Most, if not all, people are magnesium deficient today.  Calcium in your blood (hypercalcemia), which can cause nausea, and vomiting, weakness, and frequent urination. Symptoms might progress to bone pain and kidney problems, such as the formation of calcium stones.  Calcium is needed when muscles CONTRACT, magnesium is its antagonist, and allows the muscles to RELAX. This can also explain why ‘Charlie Horses’, muscle cramps and spasms occur.  This occurs due to imbalance of minerals, or in this case, electrolytes.



2. Depletes Magnesium – As mentioned above, HORMONE D requires Magnesium to process.  D3, despite what is being advertised, is NOT the final form of D utilized by our bodies.  Several steps from D3 to usable D are required, complex, and require magnesium.  Low magnesium levels can be linked, in one way or another, to every metabolic dysfunction (disease).  NO LIFE on planet Earth exists without Mg, including yours.  Mg is the antagonist to calcium. Had a kidney stone? Calcium, where it doesn’t belong, can turn your organs into stone like it does to your kidneys (see #1 INCREASES CALCIUM). Magnesium gets calcium out of the tissues and BORON gets the calcium into the teeth and bones.  NOTE:  Boron is a co-factor of magnesium retention along with B6 and Bicarbonate.  Ultimately, it’s the iron overload of the liver and kidneys, which lowers magnesium in the first place, making conversions of D less likely to happen.  This in turn leads to ‘low D’ tests scores and recommendations to take more.



3.  Crashes Potassium – Isolated hormone D pushes potassium from the body. 


- University of Maryland Medical Center (see ref #1 below)

“Potassium is a very important mineral for the proper function of all cells, tissues, and organs in the human body. It is also an electrolyte, a substance that conducts electricity in the body, along with sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. Potassium is crucial to heart function and plays a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function.


Diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating, malnutrition, malabsorption syndromes, such as Crohn disease, can also cause potassium deficiency. Use of a kind of heart medicine called loop diuretics can also cause you to be short on potassium.”


From WebMD: (see ref #2 below)

Symptoms of low potassium are usually mild. At times the effects of low potassium can be vague. There may be more than one symptom involving the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, kidneys, muscles, heart, and nerves.

  • Weakness, tiredness, and cramping in arm or leg muscles, sometimes severe enough to cause inability to move arms or legs due to weakness (much like a paralysis)

  • Tingling or numbness

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Abdominal cramping, bloating

  • Constipation

  • Palpitations (feeling your heart beat irregularly)

  • Passing large amounts of urine or feeling very thirsty most of the time

  • Fainting due to low blood pressure

  • Abnormal psychological behavior - depression, psychosis, delirium, confusion, or hallucinations.


The RDA for potassium is 4700mg per day (4.7grams) and most American’s get under 1000mg.  High blood pressure is also a symptom of low potassium. (see ref #7 below)


4.  Increase H2O2 – I am going to be brief on this topic because explaining what it is, how it can affect pathways and enzymes can get complex rather quickly and I want to keep this article somewhat ‘easy to understand’.  So, how do we keep this under control?  H2O2 is broken down via a copper dependent enzyme called Catalase.  If you cannot make Ceruloplasmin, due to D pushing Retinol out of your cells, organs and plasma, copper will not be ‘available in its usable form’ to make this enzyme (see #6 DEPLETES VITAMIN A).  H2O2 when combined with uncontrolled Iron (Iron not controlled via Copper attached to Ceruloplasmin) creates a hydroxyl radical.  The uncontrolled action of hydroxyl radicals, the most damaging free radical by far, can have devastating effects within the body.  This is NOT something you want in the body.  For a more in depth look at the hydroxyl radical and the dangers it presents you can find out more in the link referenced below (see ref #3 below), but let me quote the first line of the this article’s “Introduction”.

“It is commonly believed that the in vivo damage of biomolecules is initiated by reactive oxygen species (ROS) in a process known as oxidative stress. However, oxidation reaction in biological systems may also occur via a nonradical pathway, for example, by hydrogen peroxide.”


Read the abstract in this reference if nothing else, it’s scary. 


Uncontrolled H2O2 results in Gray hair and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis for example.  This is a copper<>iron issue at the root.


5. Lowers ATP - Adenosine TriPhosphate is energy and LIFE.  It is the molecular currency of life, and is found in all forms of life.  This is where magnesium shines the brightest!  Whenever you hear the acronym ATP, think Mg-ATP as magnesium makes that happen.  Magnesium, when depleted by isolated hormone D, directly affects your energy levels.  Low levels of ATP are directly connected with many ‘diseases’ today to include fibromyalgia, mitochondrial dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome and the list goes on and on.  These are also the same symptoms of low magnesium, obviously.  FUN FACT:  Our body turns over (we have recycling pathways for ATP) its weight, per day, in ATP.  WOW!!  Lowering Magnesium directly affects your energy levels, for this reason as well as many others.

6.  Depletes Vitamin A (RETINOL) – No, beta carotene is NOT vitamin A, it’s a Retinol precursor, meaning the body has to convert beta carotene into what it really wants, retinol.  When body processes are sluggish, relying on a ‘conversion’ most likely isn’t the best route.  This is why getting Retinol from food sources is important as that gives the body the end product without the need for conversion processes.  Retinol is needed, along with copper, to create Ceruloplasmin.  When copper isn’t bound to Ceruloplasmin, it’s toxic as well as iron.  Hormone D and Retinol compete for processing in the body.  With an influx of hormone D, Retinol doesn’t stand a chance and is not only depleted from the liver but everywhere, to include plasma levels.  This is absolute devastation and is setting you up for massive oxidative stresses with future metabolic dysregulation (disease).  Taking hormone D ensures copper no longer controls iron metabolism.  


Symptoms of Retinol Deficiency:

1. Frequent and persistent skin infections
2. Acne, dry and scaly skin
3. Throat infections or mouth ulcers
4. Dandruff and dry hair
5. Sore eyelids and in extreme cases poor vision in the dark (night blindness, think retinol for retina’s)

You will notice many of these symptoms are related to collagen and Elastin.  Collagen is made in part due to copper and silica and that copper MUST be bound to Ceruloplasmin to be functional for collagen and Elastin to be made.

7.  Lowers Ceruloplasmin –Without Retinol (See #6 DEPLETES RETINOL), Ceruloplasmin cannot be made.  When copper isn’t bound, copper and iron steal your identity and go on a spending spree!!  The currency of choice for this shopping spree, is Mg-ATP (the currency of life, see #5 LOWERS ATP). 

What lowers Ceruloplasmin other than D only supplements? 

Your copper<>Ceruloplasmin is under attack by food additives, fake vitamin C (ascorbic anarchy, IE acid), corn syrup – regular and high fructose, taking hormone D in isolation, iron and zinc being prescribed by your MD, molybdenum and ALA supplements.  Being an alternative health researcher for 15 years, has given me a new understanding of why people can read a ‘health’ article and still don’t achieve wellness.  After all, regardless if your symptom reliever comes from patented petrochemical drug or nature, going after symptoms alone is not the answer. (albeit nature remedies are far less dangerous in most cases)  Finding the ‘Root Cause’ of your symptoms, and addressing that, is truly where real and substantial healing begins.  Look no further than the iron<>copper dysregulation and mineral deficiencies.

Iron transports oxygen in the body, bioavailable copper activates that oxygen for use.

Lowering your Ceruloplasmin, or disrupting that bond with copper, is a perfect storm to ensure non-stop customers in the medical system.

Ceruloplasmin and the Ferroxidase FUNCTION of Ceruloplasmin is where real healing begins.  When we are successful at increasing Ceruloplasmin, copper becomes Superman and breaks the iron bars that have been imprisoning you for so long.

Copper, when bound to Ceruloplasmin is anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and CONTROLS every single aspect of IRON metabolism. If your Cu (Copper) is low or not functional (bio available) then Fe (Iron) isn't functional and oxidative stress is the result (rust). Copper, when Ceruloplasmin is absent, also causes a high amount of oxidative stress as well. Cancer is started, progressed and responsible because of iron toxicity. Iron is the only thing on planet Earth can fit all the criteria for a carcinogen.  (Jym Moon – IRON: The Most Toxic Metal)

All pathogens to include parasites, virus, bacterial and fungus (yes, Candida is an iron issue in the intestines) FEED OFF IRON. Control that iron and they cannot survive as you have changed the ‘host’, while not attacking the guest (most protocols actually do attack the host). Germ theory has been debunked, but it’s what our medical system is based on.  Ignore the body (terrain), blame the ‘germ’ and turn off your symptoms of mineral imbalance with patented poisons. 


Also note, hormone D produced by the body is a water soluble hormone.  D supplements are fat soluble and remain in the body for longer periods of time than the body intended it to be.

One last time… Repetition is key to learning!

Supplementing Vitamin Hormone D

DEPLETES Magnesium
CRASHES Potassium
LOWERS Ceruloplasmin

I hope this article was helpful.  Feel free to share as long as this article remains unaltered.

Patrick Boyle – Wellness Consultant, Root Cause Protocol Consultant, Moderator of the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook


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Facebook – Magnesium Advocacy Group

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