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Patrick Boyle




  • Copernican Institute: Certified - Root Cause Protocol Consultant

  • 15+ Years of alternative health research and application.

  • Moderator of a 142,000 member Facebook group:  Magnesium Advocacy Group

  • TEI Labs Recognized for HTMA Analysis


Added this HIDDEN page for the people interested via the Mag group on Facebook. 

(RCP Consultant – Moderator)

My journey into the voodoo world of ‘natural healing’ was from a pure disgust of modern medicine. Back in 2007 I was VERY overweight and snored very loud, according to the wife. Not sure how she would know because she snored louder than I did so it became a race to fall asleep first. I usually won, but I’m not bragging. Then I started to get a lot of mucus, phlegm, wheezing and was clearing my throat constantly.

These symptoms kept getting worse of the next year as well as a very strong acid reflux, belching and burping for hours after a meal. I went to my MD about this issue and was prescribed a PPI. I found once I was on it, my digestion issues went away but not my mucus and breathing issues.

I was on this PPI for two years when I couldn’t take it any longer. Constant coughing, looking up symptoms on WebMD and was convinced I had every disease on the planet and should be calling Life Flight ASAP as I am about to die. (Don’t get your information from big pharma websites, just saying)

This all drove my stress levels through the roof. I became a basket case and really started to pay attention other body symptoms and this would bring me back to the computer for more big pharma punishment via WebMD. I am surprised I didn’t diagnose myself with Denga Fever or inverted fallopian tubes by the time I was done torturing myself. Needless to say, you can make yourself worse by playing doctor on yourself. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about, enter self-induced stress and hypochondria.

I went back to my MD again with complaints about mucus, wheezing and phlegm. Now I was put on a nasal steroid and anti-histamine. My symptoms got better so I thought maybe it was time to see an allergist. After all, it the anti-histamine is working, it must be allergies, right?

I made the appointment and had the 50 skin prick tests done to see if my issues were allergy driven. The results came back and I had no allergies. At this point, I was getting a little angry. I had a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions, I wasn’t that old and nothing seemed to get better except the doctors bank accounts. After my allergy tests showed no allergies, I was given refills for my nasal steroids and my anti-histamine. My wife asked how my visit went when I got home and I happily told her that I had no allergies, even though I was tested years prior and had allergies to dust and dust mites. Nothing this time!! She then asked, “If you don’t have allergies, why did you get two prescriptions?” This question is what started my search for the truth.

Something didn’t make sense.

Pay attention to your body:

There were times I was away from home for almost a full day and started to notice that my lung issues were better, until I got home. Common sense would tell you that it must be something in the house that is causing my lung and phlegm issues. Since allergies were now ruled out, it had to be something else.

I decided to try an experiment. I staying out of the house the entire day and spent it in my wife’s minivan which was in the garage. So, one morning I packed up my laptop, a few movies on DVD, the air purifier we had and lived out of the van all day, in the garage. I stayed in the van with the air purifier going while watching Die Hard (first one, the best IMO). Meanwhile, the kids and wife thought dad had lost his mind. Kids were upset dad won’t come in the house and is living in mom’s car, in the garage.

It’s nice to know family is behind you when push comes to shove because my kids did take turns coming out to check on me, called me crazy, said mom was laughing at me and brought me dinner of which they stole the good stuff off the plate before handing over. I even watched a movie with one of my kids. Turns out I was right. My breathing changed in a few hours, nasal congestion disappeared, deep breaths were possible and no coughing when I took a deep breath. Life was great, until I went back into the house and sat at my recliner. Within 5 minutes, I felt my lungs close up and panic set in.

So, I called one of my employees, lined him up to come over in the morning and told the wife that tomorrow you guys are ripping out the living room carpet. It was old and fibers were everywhere.

I decided to dive headlong into alternative health because obviously doctors are more interested in prescribing drugs than to figure out what’s really wrong. As a matter of fact, during one of my visits to the doctor, I was given a test that measures lung capacity. Blow in this device as fast as you can until lungs are empty. This was done while I was visiting the allergy doctor and seeing him because I was full of mucus. The nurse said “I am not a doctor, but that didn’t go well for lung capacity. You may want to ask him about COPD”. I said, “Yeah, I am here because I am full of mucus and can’t breathe so giving me a test like that might give you a false positive.


So, reading, learning and staying away from WebMD became my mantra. I learned a lot about health and how corrupt the medical system really was. GMO’s were on my radar as well. I started to read everything from the people I used to think were crazy, Mike Adams, Mercola and many others. The world opened up and the truth was something I hungered for daily.

I didn’t know there were Presidents before George Washington. Turns out, there were. Cholesterol isn’t something to fear. Diabetes is not a disease; it’s a symptom of a deficiency. These were all things I couldn’t get enough of. It was like a kid in a candy store. Every day I learned something new and got angry the truth had been hidden from us. I read a lot from Dr. Mercola, wish I didn’t but I did. My wife and I started taking D3 supplements daily. Large doses of 5000IU minimum and up to 30000IU daily. After all, Mercola said its fine and the higher your doctor ordered D was, the healthier you were.

I did that for 2 years. Had doctor visits to check my D levels and got them up there. Mercola would have been proud. Then things got real.

My daughter, who is an RCP Consultant as well, was engaged to the employee who helped take our carpet out. He was like a son to me.

One day after having an argument with Kim, he hung himself in their apartment closet. She found him and I got the call at 12:05am.

The stress from this event, which hit me, very hard, pushed me over a mineral edge faster than big pharma can bribe a senator. Within 36 hours of this event, I had shortness of breath, felt like a fish out of water, anxiety, and panic and I also became withdrawn. I found myself gasping for air the very second you fall asleep as if you ‘forgot to breath’ and your body woke you up with adrenaline. Obviously, this cause more panic and the cycle continued.

There were days I would not go to sleep. I was scared I wouldn’t wake up because I would stop breathing. I got sick when I ate food and felt worse. I would belch hours after a meal and smell what I ate. I would only eat once per day and only because I should, not because I was hungry. I spend days focusing on my breathing because if I didn’t, I would yawn and couldn’t get over that feeling that my lungs were not full enough.

I found when I was laying down, I felt better and as soon as I stood up, the breathing issues started again. Since I am the CEO of my own company, this was not a good development. I would be out of breath talking on the phone to people and I really got a phobia about even talking to them to begin with. I became withdrawn and ultimately, suicidal, to a small degree.

I always joke with my wife that life insurance is nothing more than a bounty on my head so I am not going to make it too tempting by raising it to where it should be. So, jokes aside, what better way to ensure you family is taken care of than to have an accident cleaning you guns?

Two weeks after this event, my employees were driving home with one of my trucks and a trailer loaded with equipment when they rolled them about 10 miles from home base.

Then two weeks later, my wife’s dad passed away.

These events didn’t help anything. Just saying…

I became desperate. My time was limited and I knew it. I actually felt like I was dying and didn’t know why. I was no fan of big pharma at this time so I refused to go see my MD. I figured he didn’t know what he was doing and I didn’t need to be put on some drug for something they don’t understand to begin with. I did call my MD several times and told him my symptoms. His reply was “I can put you on Diazepam, sounds like you have anxiety.” I don’t have anxiety causing my symptoms, I had anxiety because of my symptoms.

I did go to the ER due to feeling like I couldn’t breathe. When there, lying down, I felt better and my blood Oxygen was normal to begin with so I was baffled. Yup, they labeled me an anxiety disorder. Idiots with white coats… So, I told my wife I was taking time off from being a dad and husband. I buckled down in my master bedroom and started reading. Markus Rothkranz was someone I admired and I had his entire eBook series. Reading all his small eBooks labeled with symptoms, he always recommended CALM as a daily supplement. I took my iPad with me to the local health food store and started to buy herbs and supplements for anxiety. I was desperate to try anything because modern medicine wasn’t going to be an option.

I remember the night I got home after buying some supplements for anxiety. I took some anti-gas herbs, something else I don’t remember but cost a lot, and some CALM.

Within 30 seconds of taking the magnesium, my breathing returned to normal. It wasn’t labored and I could breathe deeply with no issues. 30 seconds…. One half a minute, my life went from depression, despair and hopelessness to normal, or as normal as I get anyway. I remember saying to my wife “What the hell did I just take”? I went from the abyss to elation in 30 seconds. WHY? I had to know. But first, I was hungry, wanted to watch a movie with the kids and then chase them around. For the first time in months, I saw a light shining in what was a very dark and chaotic storm.

When I woke up the next day, my breathing issues were back, but now I wasn’t worried. After all, I just fixed them the day before with 3 supplements. So, I took the same ones again and this time it took about 1 minute, but still, everything was back to normal again.

Now I was on a new crusade. What is this magnesium and why did it make such a huge difference so quickly. No, the answer was not the magnesium, but I will tell you how it helped by the end of this bio... stay tuned...

Through all my reading on alternative health, minerals were rarely in the articles or mentioned in detail. So, I was back to reading and learning, with a passion. I had to know WHY I went from a successful business owner to a person in such dire straits, and so quickly.

I started to learn about magnesium. I ordered Kindle books by Dr. Sircus “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy” and also Dr. Dean’s “The Magnesium Miracle” book. I read for days. I called Dr. Sircus and talked to him about magnesium. I found my calling in the process. To educate others and help people who think nobody knows what they are going through, and do it with compassion and understanding. Also, I have a huge disrespect issue with big pharmaceutical companies. Not the people in the medical field, but the institution that writes their playbook.

I was getting better. I went for two weeks not eating carbs, skipping my 20K calorie designer coffee and had my wife spray my entire body with magnesium 3 times per day while I listened to meditation audios and relaxed.

Just went I had my mojo back, and boy did I have my mojo back (hint hint), my wife of 15 years, my rock, my best friend and soul mate. The woman who I have never argued with or said a mean word in anger too or got one from, dropped a bombshell.

While driving back from the Twin Cities, I had mentioned that she didn’t seem to be very lovey. She looked at me and said; I am not happy, I have not been happy for 10 years, it’s because of you and I am not sure I love you anymore. Yeah, it’s the equivalent of getting hit by a truck just after you stood up from getting hit by a different truck.

We got home; she went upstairs to bed and didn’t want to talk to me. She wasn’t herself, not even close. I stopped taking magnesium and focused on convincing her I wasn’t a bad guy. Save the marriage!!

About 5 days into this she was still not getting out of bed. She had very little energy and every time I asked questions about our relationship, I could literally see the life draining from her eyes. Not kidding, literally see her withdraw and get weak. After playing my pity party BS for another few days I came to realize this was a medical condition. After all, who wouldn’t love being married to me?

She had some previous conditions. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, adrenal fatigue, poor digestion and low sex drive. So, I focused in on her thyroid and purchased “Stop The Thyroid Madness” by Janie A. Bowthorpe.

I read it twice. The second time I highlighted everything that was important. I called Janie Bowthorpe and spoke to her on several occasions. I learned so I could help her. She was in trouble and I was the only one who knew her well enough to help. After all, you are married for good times and in bad, right? This was bad, so I buckled down and took control. I called her MD and Naturopathic doctor and gave him a long list of blood tests I wanted run so I could determine her thyroid status as well as hormones, both female and adrenal. I became the expert because the experts aren’t.

I got her results and told the doctor how he should treat her. He was all for that until we disagreed on the treatment at one point. Then he fired me. I still have the certified letter he sent that said “You seem to know more on how to heal you wife than I do so I won’t be seeing either of you as patients from this time forward”.

So, I called around and interviewed doctors until I found one that got all the questions right. Boy, they would they fail now because my questions would be very different, thanks to Morley.

My wife got back on track after 6 months and our marriage is still in place. She was so off balance with her adrenals it would be considered adrenal failure today and her female hormones were menopausal. She was only 40. No wonder people get divorced when menopause hits, it’s brutal and women never forget stuff to bring up, ever…

So, everything started to get back on track and I found the Magnesium Advocacy Group. I joined to help others. I find it enlightens your soul when you can help others see a light you have found.

I came here in 2013 to help others and found myself getting schooled on a whole new level. I learned about hormone D. The more I learned the more I saw my store unfold. I found the WHY I was looking for during my tempest. The Hormone D, Dr. Mercola’s dangerous advice, PPI’s, the stress and the deficiency of minerals that drive life itself.

So, why did CALM work so fast and make such a difference? Because CALM (magnesium citrate) is a laxative and my issues stemmed from a digestive system that effectively was shut down due to stress, low magnesium, low potassium and low retinol. I almost killed myself with ignorance and a belief in a harmless vitamin that is not a vitamin and is very dangerous. (Mag Citrate is not recommended here, just say no to citrate)

My symptoms where driven by digestive issues, which caused the food to sit and rot in my stomach. Poor digestion caused distension (bloating), which interfered with my breathing by pushing on my diaphragm. The relaxing minerals of zinc, magnesium and potassium were deficient setting the stage for the perfect “hormone D” storm.

Although George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg were not in this version, I took home the Oscar. In my acceptance speech I will remember to thank Morley Robbins so I never have to be part of that perfect storm again.

I am still human. I still have small things I need to correct but the RCP will get me there. This will sound strange, but even if new health challenges happen, I have the comfort in knowing what I do and I don’t visit WebMD anymore.

I prefer to deal with the root cause, not the symptom.

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