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The "Root Cause Protocol"

"The Steps To Increase Ceruloplasmin."

© Morley Robbins

STOP:  the following

  1. STOP Vitamin-D ONLY Supplements (Supplemental “vitamin”-D KILLS Liver Retinol that is needed for Cp)

  2. STOP Calcium Supplements! (Ca BLOCKS Magnesium & Iron absorption)

  3. STOP Iron Supplements! (Iron, or Fe SHUTS DOWN Copper metabolism) 

  4. STOP Ascorbic Acid (Ascorbic Acid disrupts the Copper < > Cp bond)

  5. STOP High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) & Synthetic Sugars (HFCS Lowers Liver Copper & Raises Liver Iron)

  6. STOP LOW Fat Diet (Saturated Fat is needed for proper Copper absorption)

  7. STOP Using Industrialized, “Heart Healthy” Omega-6 Oils! (e.g. Soybean, Corn, Canola Oils)

  8. STOP Using products with Fluoride (toothpaste, bottled water, etc.)

  9. STOP Taking “Drugstore” Multivitamins & Pre-natals (They contain the first four items above, plus trace amounts of fluoride)

  10. STOP Using Citrate in Foods & Supplements (e.g. “Natural Calm”, strips copper from ceruloplasmin)

  11. STOP Using Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic (It lowers Copper status in the body! Nanonized or Hydrosol Silver is OK)


START:  the following

  1. START Magnesium (Mg) supplements (Jigsaw Mag SRT, Pure Encapsulation Mag Glycinate, Mag Oil, etc. lowers Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) & Cortisol. (Dose: 5 mg/lb or 10 mg/kg body weight.  Be mindful of the Mg co-factors: B6, Boron, and Bicarbonate)

  2. START taking the Adrenal Cocktail (4oz fresh orange juice, 1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar and 1/4 tsp sea salt) at 10am and 2pm on an empty stomach to balance electrolytes.

  3. START Cod Liver Oil supplements (1 tsp Nordic Naturals Arctic or 1 tsp Rosita) for Retinol, animal based Vitamin A.

  4. START Whole Food Vitamin C supplements (Innate Response tablets or Pure Radiance Synergy powder: 400 – 800 mg/day (Key source of Copper)

  5. START Using Mother Nature sources for B Vitamins:
              – take ½ tsp of Bee Pollen
              – take 1 – 2 tsp of Rice Bran (be sure to take AWAY FROM other foods)
              – eat 4 – 6 ounces of Beef Liver weekly
    (research shows that several B vitamins are KEY for Cp production. Please get these as noted above:) B2 (Riboflavin) – Key for Cu/Fe regulation in the liver; B5 (Pantothenate) – Supports the production of Vitamin C; B7 (Biotin) – Key for Cu/Fe regulation in the liver.

  6. START Using Silica (Diatomaceous Earth) that stimulates an increase in Cp! (Start with 1 tsp in water at the start or end of the day, and work up to 3 tsp [1 Tbs] each day.)

  7. START Boron (1 – 3 mg/day, or add 1 Tbs borax to magnesium baths) – aids in Synthesis of Cp, and regulation of Fe.

  8. START Taurine (500 – 1,000 mg/day) Supports liver copper metabolism

  9. START Ancestral Diet (HIGH Fat & Protein/LOW Carb) Good for Copper absorption

  10. START Iodine (PREREQUISITE: Mg RBC & Se RBC need to be optimal) Until then, add Iodine rich foods like kelp, seaweeds, scallops, cod, eggs, cranberries, etc. to the diet.

Additional Factors to Consider regarding Ceruloplasmin (Cp):

  • Chlorinated water is hard on Copper & Magnesium, thus is hard on Cp production.

  • High dose Zinc supplements BLOCK Copper absorption, which reduces Cp production.

  • Molybdenum is known to chelate Copper and BLOCK Ceruloplasmin production.

“Why Should I Believe This?”


Good question.

My research on Magnesium began in earnest in 2009 by reading Dr. Carolyn Dean’s wonderful book, The Magnesium Miracle.

In 2012, I was convinced Magnesium was THE answer, and I started this website and the Magnesium Advocacy Group.

I then began coaching clients on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) tests. It was then I realized that when some folks began Magnesium supplementation, their Magnesium RBC never seemed to go up. So I kept reading the scientific literature.

That’s how I discovered the role Copper & Iron play in Magnesium & Calcium regulation, and that a dysregulation can be tied — through the scientific literature — to pretty much everything.

We run on minerals folks.  (Btw, electrolytes are minerals. And you already know what happens when you start running low…)


As the Magnesium Advocacy Group grew in size, so did my client list.

And my clients — over 3,000 since 2014 from all over the world — helped me discover the steps that I now call “The Root Cause Protocol.”

Through trial and error; through painstaking research of over 2,000 (and counting) peer-reviewed scientific research papers, I’ve assembled these 21 steps.

I’m sure you have many questions. (And yes, I still need to go through and backfill each step with cited sources to give you the “why”, and so you can see I’m not just making this stuff up.)

I am one man, and I have only so many hours in each day.

So for questions and comments, please request access to join the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook.

There are over 115,000 (and growing) MAG-pies who can help answer questions, give you encouragement, and share their own experiences with The Root Cause Protocol.

A votre sante!
– Morley Robbins (aka. “Magnesium Man”)

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- The "Root Cause Protocol" is a concept and copyright of Morley Robbins

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