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Patrick Boyle




  • Copernican Institute Recognized: Root Cause Protocol Consultant

  • 15+ Years of alternative health research and application.

  • Moderator of a 142,000 member Facebook group:  Magnesium Advocacy Group

  • TEI Labs Recognized for HTMA Analysis

BIOGRAPHY: (you can find my extended bio here)

My health and truth journey started out by being a believer in modern medicine.  In my early 40's I was having issues with coughing, phlegm and wheezing.  I noticed that if I was away from my house for a good portion of the day, my symptoms subsided.  Nonetheless, I visited my local clinic for allergy testing.  While talking to the allergist, I had made it known that I did have allergy testing in the past and showed signs of allergies to dust and dust mites.

They did their tests and it showed I had NO allergies whatsoever.  So, I asked the doctor if carpet fibers in our home could be causing the issue.  He was doubtful and prescribed me more medications.  I had the appointment, but I already knew the older carpet in the living room (and house) was the real problem.

When I came home from this visit, my wife asked me how the visit went.  I told her that I had no allergies and even the ones I tested positive for years prior, were no longer an issue.  Then she asked why I had prescriptions for allergy medications, if I didn't have any allergies.  I didn't have an answer for her and that question literally caused me to stop what I was doing and ask myself the same question.  Why would you give a person pharmaceuticals for something you just tested negative for?


I also opened our medicine (now supplement) cabinet to see a shelf of MY prescriptions.  Enough is enough!!

This opened my world up to an entirely different thought process.  "What if" and "why" became my driving force for more research and learning the truth.  What if modern medicine isn't looking for cures, but are only interested in selling a product?  After all, that is exactly what they did to me!  What if GMO's are really not as safe as they say they are?  What if the "healthy advice" given by the very entities making money off the sick, are misguided (on purpose)?


These questions, and many more, consumed my thoughts.  I found myself reading hours a day.  Researching, and taking a second look at articles that previously I passed off as 'conspiracy theories'.  What if these articles are true?  What if there is more to the story and I have been living a life of bliss in a world that has been manipulated?  What happened to compassion for your fellow 'man'?  


What I discovered shattered the very foundation of my being.  The Flexner Report shows very clearly that big pharmaceutical companies, backed by John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and others, effectively put natural medicine 'out of business' by coming up with an accredited system for schools (natural medicine schools need not apply) and the funding that ensued.  This set the stage for our modern medical system we have in place today.  I would also point out that our modern medical system is the 3rd largest killer in the USA. (Iatrogentic deaths)

Life gave me two very traumatic experiences that happened only 30 days apart.  We had two deaths of people that were very close to everyone in our family, the second one being my father-in-law.  The first event was not expected and very unnecessary, while my father-in-laws passing was something we knew was coming.  It's was still hard, but not unexpected.

Within 36 hours of the death of my daughters fiance, my health took a turn for the worse.  Breathing problems, gasping for air, digestive issues, anxiety, panic attacks, cold hands and feet, agoraphobic and suicidal thoughts because of all this.  I spent days just laying on my couch focusing on breathing so I didn't gasp for air.  After awhile, you start to think "If this is how I have to live, why bother?".  It's a very real draw... but obviously, I found a different path.  I don't like to lose, especially since I knew there must be a connection to my symptoms and the stressful events that just took place.

Meanwhile, my wife was having major health issues as well.  Thyroid, adrenal failure and hormonal issues that pushed her into early menopause and all the lack of feelings that goes with hormonal imbalances.  She was so weak she literally slept for 14 days, only getting up to use the bathroom or grab a snack and water.  We were both a mess, but just prior to these stressful events, we were just the opposite.  What happened?


I studied harder, read more and more, found articles, found meditation and found how minerals make up our very biological processes.  I also found Magnesium.  The anti-stress mineral and master mineral of the human body.  I called authors of magnesium books, I Skype'd with these authors and I really ratcheted up my drive for the truth.  I read and re-read books on thyroid functions to try and help my wife.  I also studied female hormones to understand that dynamic and help her through the darkness that enveloped her.  Once my wife started to recover, my focus shifted into the direction of WHY did this happen to us.  After all, I was eating healthy and watching our supplements far more than an average person would, so that events such as this would't have taken a toll on us the way it did.

Enter Facebook and the Magnesium Advocacy Group.  Here, I found my answers to what happened and why.  How that simple little 'vitamin D' can be so devastating.  Unlike most people, just knowing how to return my health wasn't enough, I needed to understand where I went wrong and why so I never go back there again.


Since that time, the Magnesium Advocacy Group has developed into something very special with a wider focus on the iron and copper metabolism issue as well as electrolyte balance (minerals).  This is referred to as the ROOT CAUSE PROTOCOL and it's changing lives everyday!! 


It has changed our lives so dramatically, that I became a Certified RCP (root cause protocol) Consultant and find myself, where I belong, back helping others.  The certification was a 16 week program lead by the groups founder, Morley Robbins.  Through his research and his focus on what causes "disease" (metabolic dysregulation symptoms), I found my calling and my focus. 

Allowing the body to heal itself is a fundamental RIGHT.  We were not born with an owners manual.  The Root Cause Protocol is a powerful tool to reset the wrongs..... to change family trees... to allow the body to heal... to enlighten people on how the body functions...  to be free of worry and doubt and focus more on living, not just surviving.

In my journey, I have been astounded and immeasurably humbled at how simple, and yet complex, we are.  Let's live up to our potential and help others along the way.  We can do that by getting to the root cause of all the pain and suffering we see today, and CHANGE it.

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