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D Dangers - Part 2

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

So, how can we heal ourselves and stay out of the ‘system’?

BIND YOUR COPPER, get minerals BACK in the body and get Mg levels UP! How?

The Root Cause Protocol of course, that’s why Morley Robbins designed it.

Can it really be this easy?

There is NOTHING simple or easy about human biochemistry and physiology but yes, it really is. You will be very surprised to find how well YOU can heal when given the minerals needed.

Putting out the iron fires (inflammation) is KEY and controlling the heavy metal toxicity is our goal. Heavy metal toxicity is all the rage these days in alternative health circles but the real heavy metal toxicity that’s killing you, via the ‘enrichment’ of foods since 1943, is rarely mentioned and poorly understood by most ‘experts’. (or just ignored)

The system is broken, and I would argue it never worked to begin with as it’s based off ‘germ theory’ which has been debunked over and over. The health of the terrain (your body) is what dictates health. Give the body what it needs to function correctly, and your body will function correctly.

Remember, doctors don’t heal you, they don’t have that power! Your body heals itself. It has always been that way and that will never change. So, you have taken hormone D prior and now need to know how to reverse that damage.

The Root Cause Protocol is designed to deal with all metabolic dysregulation. (IE Disease) Let’s go over it step by step:

(STOP the STOPS – See graphic why you should just say NO)

(START) Cod Liver Oil (CLO) – Used to get RETINOL back in the body and is required to make Ceruloplasmin. Beef liver is also a great source of Retinol.

Magnesium – Lowers stress hormones, needed for LIFE, energy, mental health and is at war with non-functional iron for oxygen. (Boron, B6 and Bicarbonate are needed for magnesium to work correctly and stay in the cells) 5mg/lb. (10mg/kg) per day to maintain current levels. More to replenish.  Whole Food C – Source of copper, needed to not only make Ceruloplasmin (Copper and Retinol), but has bioflavonoids, factors and life force.  B Vitamins – These vitamins should always be taken in a complex (multiple B’s together) and never in isolation. Bee Pollen (it’s copper colored for a reason as it has copper in it), Rice Bran and beef liver. Try and get organic grass-fed beef liver as to avoid GMO feeds, vaccine and estrogen injected beef. B vitamins are also key for Cp production and copper<>iron regulation in your liver.  Silica – Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is high in the correct form of silica needed to make connective tissue and collagen. Silica and functional copper (Cu with Cp) can literally turn back the clock for youthful appearance due to repairing connective tissues.  Boron – Often the center of attention when discussed, but yes, Borax is Boron. If you aren’t comfortable taking Borax concentrated pre-mix (see recipes), you can add some to a magnesium bath or purchase ‘boron’ supplements. They typically come in 3mg dosages when purchased. (more on boron below)  Taurine – Supports copper and copper function in the liver. The liver is the first organ to get “rusty” as uncontrolled iron loads that organ first. Endocrine glands are the 2nd depository affecting a entire new set of bodily processes. Endocrine glands are glands of the endocrine system that secrete their products, hormones, directly into the blood rather than through a duct. The major glands of the endocrine system include the pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, hypothalamus and adrenal glands.  Ancestral Diet – Although almost last, this is definitely NOT least. Your diet is your commitment to health. The old saying “you are what you eat” is literally, fact. High fat (adrenals live on fat as does the brain and other major organs), high protein and low carb. This diet is great for copper absorption.  Iodine – Although this group doesn’t push iodine like other groups on Facebook do, iodine is vital to good health. Until your selenium levels are up, iodine can have consequences if taken at the same time selenium is low. Selenium and Iodine have a synergetic relationship. When working together, the output exceeds then benefits of each one individually. 1+1=4 so to speak. Also, magnesium is vital for detoxification pathways. Iodine can get things moving that your detox pathways are not ready to deal with yet. It is highly advised to raise magnesium prior to iodine supplementation. Until the magnesium and selenium levels are optimal, get some iodine from food sources such as seaweed, kelp, scallops, cod, eggs, cranberries etc. The internet can list foods higher in iodine with a simple search. Watch out for the following as you try to regain optimal health o Chlorinated and fluoridated water should be avoided. Both have dire health consequences that are well documented, but copper and magnesium will be affected and our goal is to optimize these, not hinder them. o Supplemental zinc displaces copper. Zinc prescriptions or recommendations are all the rage these days by both MD’s and alternative practitioners. Rarely does a person require supplemental zinc. This is where having your HTMA and requested blood work is vital in determining your mineral status. Obviously, if you are displacing copper, you are allowing iron to rust and inflame your cells. (disease) o Molybdenum chelates copper as well, so the same warnings for zinc also apply to this ‘health supplement’. It can also be in your well water. Again, the HTMA with requested blood work is a vital tool to determine mineral and stress levels. Just a few more things… In closing, here are a few other things to keep in mind. Yes, I am going to say many things over and over again that were already mentioned. Repetition is key to learning. Repetition is key to learning. (  ) Whole Food C is your copper source in the protocol. AA is NOT vitamin C no matter how many people claim it’s identical. It’s not, end of that debate. (see figure below) The arrow is pointing to the OUTER SHELL of the Vitamin C Complex. That shell is ascorbic acid, whole food C complex is that shell and everything else pictured here. Turns out some of these things are a HUGE deal. Cp (Ceruloplasmin) requires both Retinol (Real Vitamin A from animal sources such as Cod Liver Oil and Beef Liver) and COPPER (Whole Food C). WF C has 4 copper atoms at its core (tyrosinase). AA does NOT. Studies show AA (ascorbic acid) actually breaks the bond of Copper and Ceruloplasmin. Avoid it as well as all CITRATE, to include magnesium citrate. HFCS & CS (high fructose corn syrup & corn syrup) disrupts copper. It stops Cp production in the liver. Avoid HFCS at all costs. Yes, the Fear and Death Administration (FDA) knew corn syrup (and high fructose) broke the Copper/Ceruloplasmin bond PRIOR to its being released as a food additive and released it regardless. How does corn syrup do this? Corn syrup mixed with hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) is how ascorbic acid is made. Now you know why we advise you to avoid both AA and corn syrups. One is premade, the other you are making in your stomach. Mg is also required to process sugar as it takes 54 molecules of Mg to process ONE molecule of sugar. Sugar is in everything and often called by many names!! Be vigilant!! Sugar also depletes other minerals that are vital to bodily processes. (see ref #6 below) Boron is a co-factor of magnesium retention but also plays a vital role in calcium control. Magnesium gets calcium moving; boron directs the traffic and becomes the valet. Arthritis is often referred to as a boron deficiency, and although boron can play a huge role in relieving those symptoms, iron toxicity is the root cause. Jorge Fletchas (on YouTube) advocates taking 30mg to 70mg daily. The recommendations of Morley are much less as we are focusing on mineral retention rather than any quick fix by flooding the body with any substance to alleviate symptoms. Boron is as safe as salt when it comes to toxicity. The 3 co-factors of Mg for the body to retain and use magnesium properly are: Vitamin B6 (take a B complex, never supplement one B vitamin) Boron and Bicarbonate. You can check the files for recipes on magnesium bicarbonate water to make your own far cheaper than online premade products or concentrates. To maintain the levels of Mg in the body, 5mg per pound of body weight (10mg/kg), should be taken per day. As an example, a 200 lb. man should be getting 1,000mg (1 gram) of magnesium a day to just keep his levels current. You would want more to replenish a deficient body. Taking that much orally can be an issue so start slow and work up to bowel tolerance and also consider transdermal magnesium via foot baths, baths or magnesium oil sprayed topically on the skin. Homeopathic mag-phos can help ‘turn back on the magnesium cell receptors’ that may have become dull due to a magnesium deficiency, so it may be worth the few bucks to invest in magphos if you feel it’s necessary. “ITIS” means inflammation. Think of “ITIS” as an acronym for “It’s the Iron, Seekers!” ITIS means you have an iron<>copper metabolism issue. One last time… Repetition is key to learning!  Supplementing Vitamin Hormone D INCREASES Calcium DEPLETES Magnesium CRASHES Potassium INCREASES H2O2 LOWERS ATP DEPLETES Vitamin A LOWERS Ceruloplasmin I hope this article was helpful. Feel free to share as long as this article remains unaltered. Patrick Boyle – Moderator/RCP Consultant ( * Noted References: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) Facebook – Magnesium Advocacy Group

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